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WHMCS module for SMS and WhatsApp messaging

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AndrodiAPI.net’s plugin developed to improve the quality of your communication with ease. It streamlines client engagement by providing smooth SMS and WhatsApp texting, with unprecedented backing in all kinds of actions


  • Client Sign-In Notice
  • New Client Registration Alert
  • Client Password Update Warning
  • Customizable Message Configuration & Alert Templates
  • Invoice Generation Alert
  • Payment Confirmation Notice
  • Invoice Due Reminder
  • Initial Overdue Invoice Warning
  • Second Overdue Invoice Alert
  • Final Overdue Invoice Notification
  • Service Activation Notice
  • Service Suspension Alert
  • Service Reactivation Notice
  • Service Termination Warning
  • Service Password Modification Alert
  • Cancellation Request Update
  • Domain Registration Confirmation
  • Domain Transfer Notice
  • Domain Renewal Reminder
  • Domain Overdue Alerts (First, Second, and Third Tiers)
  • Support Ticket Reply via SMS or WhatsApp
  • Personalized Message with Registered WHMCS User’s Phone Number

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