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TecniForge’s Statement and Press Release on Pakistan Election 2024

TecniForge’s Statement on Pakistan Election 2024

TecniForge Takes a Stand to Safeguard Pakistan’s Democratic Process

Pakistan — In light of the recent Pakistan Election 2024, TecniForge, a leading technology and innovation company, firmly advocates for transparency, fairness, and integrity in the electoral process. Our commitment to the nation’s progress extends beyond business interests; it encompasses our responsibility as citizens to uphold democratic values.

Key Points:

  1. Caretaker Government Oversight:
    • TecniForge calls upon the caretaker government to exercise the utmost diligence in overseeing the electoral process. The integrity of elections relies on accurate and unbiased reporting of results.
    • We urge the caretaker government to ensure that Form 45, which contains polling station-wise results, is meticulously reviewed and verified. Any discrepancies must be addressed promptly.
  2. Rearranging Results for the Sake of Pakistan:
    • In the interest of Pakistan’s stability and economic well-being, TecniForge advocates for a thorough examination of election results.
    • If irregularities or inconsistencies are identified, we encourage the authorities to take corrective measures, including rearranging results where necessary.
  3. Zero Tolerance for Rigging and Tackling Election Malpractices:
    • TecniForge categorically condemns any form of election rigging, manipulation, or malpractice.
    • Rigging undermines the democratic process and erodes public trust. We stand firm against such actions and call for strict enforcement of electoral laws.
  4. Economic Implications:
    • A fair and transparent election directly impacts Pakistan’s economic stability. Investors, both domestic and international, closely monitor political developments.
    • By safeguarding the electoral process, we contribute to maintaining investor confidence and ensuring a robust financial state.


TecniForge remains committed to Pakistan’s progress. We believe that a free, fair, and transparent election is essential for the nation’s prosperity. Let us unite in our pursuit of a stronger Pakistan.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Ms. Ayesha Javed, Director of Communications, Email: [email protected]

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